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Pre-Interview of Admission for MAP of Faculty of Psychology was held in 2019(Round Two)


The program of Masters in Applied Psychology(MAP) is one of the first six schools in China to offer MAP programs for cultivating outstanding psychological talents. In 2014, MAP started the first EAP program in China with an enrollment of 100 students and has enrolled 677 students until 2018. To cultivate distinguished talents in applied psychology, MAP has trained tremendous number of highly qualified graduates who demonstrate strong professional and creative competence. Therefore, the first brand of China's master of applied psychology has been constructed and we will cultivate advanced talents who can skillfully utilize applied psychology knowledge and technology to guide practical work.

The total enrollment number will be 200 in 2019. Combining characteristics of the psychology and needs of professional talents who will engage in psychological innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era, the Faculty has opened four professional research directions including User Experience (UX), Brand, Advertising and Consumer Psychology (BAC), Psychometrics and Human Resource Management (MHR) and Clinical and Counseling Psychology.


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