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(Lecture)Donald Arthur Norman lectured at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Center


On May 10, Professor Don Norman, the user experience founder, visited the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Center at Faculty of Psychology. BNUX partners from Baidu, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Goer, Longhu Real Estate, State Grid, Household Appliance Research Institute, and Beijing Design Associationparticipated in the lecture.

Donald Arthur Norman, one of the founders of American cognitive psychologists, computer engineers, industrial designers, and cognitive sciences, focuses on human sociology and behavioral research.

In the morning, Norman listened to the development of the UX and put forward substantial valuable constructive notions, such as:

1. Ideas are never the focus, and doing is the focus.

2. To help startups, all you need to do is become their partner.

3. I don't like to use the results made out of psychology lab, which is useless to designers. Because the laboratory scene is very different from the scene that the designer faces, the designer needs to face a whole world of variables.

Before sitting in the afternoon, all guests and students wrote on the postcards the beautiful expectations of the sharing session, the respect for Don Norman and the future of BNUX, and left a precious photo in front of the postcard wall.

During the short two hours,Normannot only taught any framework knowledge, but also answered the questions proposed by UX master students.

After the end of the wonderful question-and-answer sharing session, the cordial Norman launched a signature event in the Center.


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